22 Julai 2010

Mudahnya Menjahit Baju Kurung!

Saya postkan satu entri daripada salah seorang peserta saya, Puan Lana untuk dikongsi bersama. Terima kasih atas entri yang sangat menarik dan sangat membantu tu.


I owe this entry not only to myself, but to my absolutely kind teacher Kak Yati from the tikfashion.blogspot.com & several other blogger + twitter friends who had been asking for it..otherwise i know it would take ages for it to be written. nak bukak blogger.com pun x sempat nyah oiii!! :P

So what happen was that i blog hopped and got a lil bit jealous with the fact that everyone is sewing around me.. in the cyber at least. so in a way you totally inspired me who for a well-known fact has zero knowledge on this subject. I'm not as lucky as y'all to have a sifu back home. So i googled and found this website which was like God's gift for me in a way by telling me thatdude, im giving a chance here ..so SEW! hehehee this is what we call REZEKI. So i called her up and this nice lady ~ kYati told me that i will have no problem in finishing ONE COMPLETE BAJU KURUNG in 2 days, and if I'm fast, 1 day also can!! x ke syok tu??? So I set a date - 2 weekdays when i was on my OFF day - one of the pros of working shift beside shopping in an empty mall / Giant.. so hQ could be in Taska and hubby would be working. The rest was history...

Kak Yati was punctual. 9am sharp she was already infront of my doorstep, with her sewing machine, and another jahit tepi machine which i have no idea what the actual name is. She even prepared a file for me with notes provided. We started of with:

measuring the body as what the tailor normally do.
and later some calculation,
pattern drawing & cutting,
pattern transfer on kain,
potong kain,
jahit tepi,
and finally jahit with the sewing machine which was one hell of a journey hehehe
jahit the neck is the toughest for the baju part.
jahit the pinggang is the toughest for the kain part.
Others, kacang only i guess.

~the beading & my COMPLETE baju kurung top~

I learnt the basic of how to use the machine, where to put the benang, how to lilit the small stool, how to insert the bottom benang etc. Man it was totally a new world to me, yet exciting! Who could have thought that a small machine could be that complicated! :P salah tarik sket jam abes hahaha. I hope I didn't break her machine.

Skill wise: Am totally an amateur like a baby, could only sew straight line in a patch of unwanted kain, but it would be totally senget benget once i need it to be straight which resulted to several corrections by Kak Yati. I have no idea how to move the kain fluently, it's not as easy as driving a car that's for sure. It's more ilke playing an organ, trying to tekan minyak with your feet and moving your hands together. My brain doesnt work that well in that department unfortunately. Wonder how come i can drive like a pro but can't sew straight LOL :P

To sum things up, i manage to finish in 1 day my very own yellow flowery baju kurung..and this will be happily worn on Raya tahun ni yeay! Baju raya I dah siap y'all!! *tetibe*

~am wearing my very own handmade baju kurung~

We spent the 2nd day touching things up, learning a different method of neck line without any hard glued material tu, jahit mata lalat and even some beading which turns out to be super easy. By lunch time we were done and went out for lunch coz with all that menjahit thing going on, i had NIL time to cook at all. Later we went through everything again and she gave me a certificate. Wah, aren't I the luckiest student and a proud person who can at least sew my own baju kurung with a CERTIFICATE!!!! Bangga wehh.

~receiving the cert from K.Yati~

To anyone else interested with learning some basic skills of baju kurung, baju kebaya or even baju melayu don't hesitate to call up Kak Yati. She's the sweetest mother of 7 and the best sifu i have yet to get. She's not the kinda person that is kedekut ilmu and is infact very VERY proud that her student could make money out of her teachings. She can come to your home or you can go to hers in Ijok.

So now I'm itching to start sewing stuff that i had longed to do especially this, this and this made by totally cute materials likethis and these!! Bolehkah? hehehe let me find out first yah :) *pengsan*

Happy Sewing y'all!!

Kak Yati sentiasa doakan agar Lana http://il4na.blogspot.com maju jaya dalam semua lapangan, insya-Allah.

Untuk makluman, saya tidak lagi mengadakan kelas dari rumah ke rumah. Kini saya menumpukan masa dengan mengadakan bengkel jahitan pada hujung minggu iaitu Sabtu dan Ahad.

Untuk menyertai bengkel, sila baca entri terbaru (klik sini) kami.

Harap maklum.

10 Julai 2010

Jom Belajar Jahit Baju Melayu

Saya mula belajar menjahit baju Melayu selepas berkahwin, kira-kira 25 tahun lalu. Itu pun lepas jenuh suami menyuruh. Kali pertama siap sehelai baju Melayu untuk suami, saya sendiri malu melihatnya, terutama pada bahagian kolar dan poketnya yang tidak kemas.

Walaupun suami membuat sedikit teguran, tapi beliau tetap memakainya ke surau. Ia sedikit sebanyak mendorong saya untuk mempelajarinya dengan bersungguh-sungguh. Saya mula bertanya kawan-kawan yang tahu menjahitnya.

Lama kelamaan, jahitan baju Melayu saya bertambah baik.Tahun demi tahun kemahiran bertambah seiring dengan kerapnya saya menjahit baju Melayu untuk suami dan anak-anak.

Hanya setelah saya mengikuti Kursus Jahitan di Desire Academy, barulah saya benar-benar berpuas hati dengan tahap jahitan baju Melayu saya.

Setelah tamat kursus selama setahun, saya mula mengadakan kelas jahitan di rumah saya. Kemudian, saya kembangkan lagi dengan mengadakan kelas-kelas jahitan dari rumah ke rumah. Diikuti dengan mengadakan bengkel-bengkel jahitan. Ia bertujuan memberi peluang kepada lebih ramai kaum ibu mempelajari bidang jahitan.

Sebenarnya menjahit baju Melayu tidaklah sesukar mana jika kita tahu cara-caranya. Malah bagi saya ia suatu yang mencabar tapi menyeronokkan.

Pernah satu ketika, menjelang hari raya saya dapat menyiapkan 5 helai baju Melayu untuk suami dan anak-anak dalam masa tak sampai dua hari.

Alhamdulillah, walaupun rata-rata peserta saya hari ini memilih belajar menjahit baju kurung dan langsir, saya benar-benar berharap di masa akan datang, lebih ramai yang bersedia belajar menjahit baju Melayu. Malah ada di antara peserta saya yang telah menerimpa tempahan menjahit baju Melayu, antaranya Ummu Habibah dari Langkawi.

Jika anda ingin mengetahui cara-caranya, jom kita belajar menjahit baju warisan kebanggaan kita ini.

Untuk menyertai bengkel, sila baca entri terbaru (klik sini) kami.

Harap maklum.

05 Julai 2010

Mesin jahit apa yang sesuai dibeli?

Ramai peserta baru yang ingin belajar, bertanyakan tentang mesin jenis apa yang patut mereka beli?

Bagi saya, apa-apa mesin pun boleh. Sama ada mesin berkaki atau elektrik.

Manakala jenis mesin pula - biasalah kalau yang ada brand harganya agak mahal. Manakala yang 'biasa-biasa' harganya murah sikit. Mesin yang berharga kira-kira RM500 - RM600 pun okey.

Saya sendiri beli mesin yang berharga kira-kira RM500 sahaja, lebih 10 tahun yang lalu. Alhamdulillah, ia jarang rosak walaupun penggunaannya agak lasak. Jahitannya juga memuaskan hati saya.

Cuma saya selalu ingatkan kepada peserta, belilah mesin di kedai khusus menjual mesin jahit, dan lebih baik jika kedai itu berhampiran dengan kediaman kita.

Ini penting sebagai persediaan jika mesin ada masalah, senang kita merujuk kepada kedai berkenaan.

Selamat menjahit.